Madrid takes you to the heart of the country of Spain, along with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and particularly well-taken care of community spaces and parks.

One of the first things I noticed when spending a little time here was it’s small, narrow streets. Perfect for starting your day by picking a street and walking down to find some coffee.

Coffee with milk is a common treat along with toast with an interesting topping, a seasoned tomato paste spread all over delicious bread. Both items are seemingly around every corner.

Bars are aplenty. And Spanish red wine is absolutely my favorite. And it is CHEAP! Most bars have limited options for drinking, 1-2 types of beers, and a few bottles of wine, but they’re all excellent choices.

Spots to hit

  • El Tigre Sidra Bar – No frills, standing only, bar known for large tapas plates with every drink.
  • Pez Tortilla – Small, hip spot with a few US beers on the menu with a bar full of Tortilla de Patatas(Spanish omelette) for late night food.
  • Casa Camacho – A traditional Spanish vermouth bar which are known in Madrid.
  • La Mordida – Colorful Mexican restaurant with art all over the walls.
  • La Musa – Current lunch and dinner spot with a rotating menu of the day in a hip neighborhood.
  • Tupper Ware – Late night bar/lounge with eyeball light fixtures on the ceiling to up the weird.