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The Big Web Launch Is Dead

There was time on the internet where companies would put up an “Under Construction” sign on their website, to raise anticipation of their new, and improved, web design or development efforts. But we’re finding out that people just end up never checking back for a new version of your website…killing the reason to have a...

Madrid, Spain

Madrid takes you to the heart of the country of Spain, along with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and particularly well-taken care of community spaces and parks. One of the first things I noticed when spending a little time here was it’s small, narrow streets. Perfect for starting your day by picking a street and...

The Business of Art: Getting an Online Portfolio

My presentation slides on how an artist can set up an online portfolio. Presented at the Business of Art, 2019

Hamburger Menu Button Using SASS

Here’s a recent example I’m refining as I go along and add this to more and more websites I work on. I copy/paste this SCSS code to it’s own file named something like _mobile-nav.scss(the underscore at the beginning is what makes it a partial, read about that here) so I can move that file into...