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DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself Coding Example

A quick code update to a Next.js site to think DRY…don’t repeat yourself, in your code using javascript functions and variables.

Converting to Next.js from create-react-app

Convert your create-react-app of Facebook to a Next.js project of Vercel.

The Big Web Launch Is Dead

Pumping up excitement for your big web launch could be a good marketing tactic, but ultimately a hard thing to pull off.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid takes you to the heart of the country of Spain, along with its rich history, beautiful architecture, and particularly well-taken care of community spaces and parks. One of the first things I noticed when spending a little time here was it’s small, narrow streets. Perfect for starting your day by picking a street and...

The Business of Art: Getting an Online Portfolio

My presentation slides on how an artist can set up an online portfolio. Presented at the Business of Art, 2019

Hamburger Menu Button Using SASS

Here’s a recent example I’m refining as I go along and add this to more and more websites I work on. I copy/paste this SCSS code to it’s own file named something like _mobile-nav.scss(the underscore at the beginning is what makes it a partial, read about that here) so I can move that file into...